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You've finished the Web Development Basics mini-course and are officially on the path to becoming a "real" web developer. Our goal for this mini-course was to remove all the misconceptions and misunderstandings you had about development and give you a taste of the real thing. I hope we were successful! Please let us know if there's anything we can improve -- this resource is meant to help lots of aspiring (or just curious) developers in the future.

This mini-course contained a lot of reading and you spent a fair bit of time working from the command line. That was necessary to get things started but the next few mini-courses will involve more applied and project-based learning.

So what comes next? As we mentioned in the introduction, now you'll get the chance to pick up a skill that very few aspiring developers are comfortable with -- Design.

There's something especially satisfying about learning to design well-structured visual interfaces, so the next mini-course's mockups and design coverage should be a lot of fun for you whether you consider yourself creative or not.

You've got momentum now, keep it up and get started with Design!

Fry -- not sure if web development is actually hard or if I'm just awesome...

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