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As we mentioned in the introduction, this mini-course covers a lot of material to ramp you up to speed on what exactly web development is all about. It is designed to take about a week to complete.

What You'll Learn

In the first section, we'll introduce you to the career and practice of web development. You'll get a good idea of what your life would look like if you decide to take the plunge and do this professionally and a sense for how the road looks to get there.

In the second section, you'll learn how the web actually works and the tools that web developers actually use. You'll get a chance to install the necessary software for developing web applications. You'll learn how to operate from your computer's command line and become well acquainted with Git, the version-control system that forms the backbone of a professional workflow.

At the end of the mini-course, you'll contribute to an actual open-source repository on Github to demonstrate what you've learned so far.

How You'll Learn It

The mini-course is broken up into about two-dozen lessons and assignments. Lessons typically rely on a combination of text, video, and links to awesome external websites to teach you the material.

Once you've learned a subject, you'll be asked to apply your knowledge by completing an assignment. The last lesson is a test of your knowledge and the final project will bring everything together and push you to take some additional steps on your own.

How to Get Help

If you get stuck on something, your best friend is Google! Google is far and away the #1 tool used by developers to un-stuck themselves, so you might as well get acquainted with it early.

We've also included links to helpful resources in the Resources tab of each lesson which will be useful to fill in any gaps you have. Commenting will be available shortly.

Let's get started!

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