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Many programs just dive straight into coding but, as we said before, we believe that you learn best when you've got the proper context to understand what you're doing and why. That context is the essence of being a well-rounded developer instead of just another code-monkey and it's essential for anyone looking to eventually build great products of their own.

That's why the three "Basic Prep" mini-courses here cover the essential background information that every aspiring developer needs to learn, spanning everything from Design to Engineering. We want you to have a sustainable and creative career in web development. A bit more detail on each of the courses:

  1. This mini-course on Web Development is designed to teach you what web development really is and set up your toolbox so you're ready for the upcoming challenges.

  2. The next mini-course will cover the basics of Web Design so you will feel comfortable building good-looking and usable websites. It will give you a major leg up over most other beginning developers and the confidence to tackle fresh design challenges on your own.

  3. The third mini-course on Software Engineering will provide you with a framework for breaking down and solving tricky development problems as well as an introduction to the techniques used by professional developers in cutting-edge tech companies.

Over the arc of these three mini-courses, you'll pick up confidence and momentum which will carry you into our more advanced coursework and, ultimately, on the next steps of your path to that sustainable career as a developer or technical entrepreneur.

Once you're ready, we encourage you to check out our Advanced Prep and, when you've mastered those, apply to one of our supported online development programs so you can see if you have what it takes to really turbo-charge your career.

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