Demo: A UX Teardown

We'll take apart an existing site to get to the bottom of what it's done well and poorly in terms of UX

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You've learned the fundamentals of UX but in this demo we'll walk through their application to, a social music listening and sharing site. Our main goals here aren't to break apart every little piece of the site but to show a broad approach for thinking about applying UX to a real site.

To do so, we'll think first about the users and their goals and then how the site is actually set up. We'll take a look at the information architecture, navigation, and interactions present during the fulfillment of our goals. Our main objective is to get you thinking critically about the sites you visit.

This is similar to what you'll be doing during the UX assignment.

The Video

Presentation Notes

See Also: Yahoo Homepage UX Teardown

For another UX teardown, check out this Yahoo Homepage UX Teardown (archived) by Ashkay at Howtolaunchastartup.

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