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Take a minute to let everything settle in. Most beginners never really learn the fundamentals of software engineering or how software projects actually come together in the real world before they start diving into code. You have a major leg up on them when it comes to understanding WHY you will be writing code and that means you'll make better websites and work more effectively with a team.

These other beginners (and many experienced engineers) also have a tendency to start coding without thinking through the problems first. By now, after all our talk of thinking first and taking a structured approach to problem solving with pseudocode, you should be broken of that habit.

Over the last 3 mini-courses, you've learned valuable context for your coding skills:

  1. In the first course on Web Development Basics, you learned about how the web works, became familiar with your computer's Command Line, and started working with the Git version control system used by most professional developers.
  2. In the second course on Web Design Basics, you learned about the value of User-Centered Design, how to use design fundamentals to create highly usable websites, and how to mock up your designs prior to coding them up.
  3. Finally, this mini-course on Software Engineering Basics has given you the tools to approach challenging problems as an engineer, work with an Agile development process, and use modular pseudocode to design solutions to problems.

With your new skills, you have everything you need to start learning how to code intelligent, usable websites! That applies whether you're planning to build them completely on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur or if you want to get a job as a software engineer working as part of a team.

Now you're ready to take the next step and actually learn to code, head to the dashboard (you may need to create your account first) and check out the Advanced Prep courses, which cover everything from HTML/CSS/SASS to Ruby to JavaScript in significant depth.

Once you've completed the Advanced Prep, you are ready to get started with our Core Curriculum, which can be taken either with our job-guaranteed Immersive program or the learn-at-your-own-pace Flex Program.

Now head back to the dashboard to continue your journey towards becoming a code ninja!

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