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Immersive Program

Viking Code School is now a part of Thinkful, a new type of technology school that provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts, hiring partners, and online platform to deliver a structured and flexible education. As a result, Viking Code School is no longer accepting applications. Click here to learn more about Thinkful's immersive program.

The Original and Still The Best

The Immersive Program is an intense and highly selective program where you join a cohort of other students to learn the craft of modern software engineering during 12 of the hardest -- and most rewarding -- weeks of your life.

Unlike other online programs, in our Immersive Program you work directly with a cohort of other students and instructors for 70+ hours per week, just like you would as part of a real software engineering team so you can graduate and confidently get hired to continue building great software.




The Most Direct Path to a Sustainable Career

Our new Full-Stack JavaScript curriculum (see syllabus) is one of the most comprehensive across all bootcamps and the Immersive Program represents the most direct and highly supported path through it. It still takes months of preparation and 12 intense weeks to get you there but this ensures you will build a sustainable base for your new career.


Pair program with other students and build group projects constantly to simulate a real work environment.

Constantly Supported

Instructors host live demos, review code, guide SCRUM meetings and provide live support when you pair.

Success... Guaranteed.

If you qualify for our deferred fee and don't get a job within 6 months following the program, it's free.

The Viking Immersive Program is the most collaborative and highly supported way to learn online, period.

Immersive Learning as Part of an Engineering Team

Our new Full-Stack JavaScript curriculum (see syllabus) is designed to expose you to the best elements of working on an Agile engineering team. In the Immersive Program, you get to actually live, learn and build every day as part of one.

Daily Scrums

Every day, you meet with your team to discuss what you and your partner have been working on and how you can improve.

Pair Programming

Just like the world's top consultancies, you will pair program constantly so you can learn faster, build more, and connect with your teammates.

Large Team Projects

Several of the projects we do are completed with large groups, requiring you to separate roles and manage your team just like you would in a real work environment.

Immersive Career Support

Job support is baked into the curriculum from the day you enroll but, as an Immersive student, you also get access to constant support and whatever else it takes to get you into a developer's seat, both before the program begins and long after your graduation.

Data Structures & Algorithms Practice

We challenge you daily with actual interview problems given to our alumni.

Mock Technical Interviews

We teach you to confidently handle – and beat – the technical screen

Negotiation and Offer Support

1-on-1 support during your offer negotiation gets you the money you deserve.

We make your job search a daily part of the course and its intensity steadily increases as we get closer to the finish. We have a handful of students in every cohort typically receive and sign their offers prior to completing the program.

  • VCS Student
    I cannot speak highly enough of Viking. I have recommended the course to my friends, colleagues, and people I’ve met through networking.
    Julia Herron

Program Comparison

The Immersive Program is focused on "directly supported learning", meaning that an instructor is typically just a few minutes away from providing 1-on-1 realtime help. Here's how the support levels of other programs compare by hours of directly supported learning.

Viking Code School Typical "Bootcamp" 1 Year of Fulltime College Online "Bootcamps"
1000+ 300-700 400-500 15-50

Program Cost

We've designed this program from the start to be as accessible as possible. For students who qualify for our Deferred Fee plan, the placement fee can be paid as a percentage of your first year's salary. For students who do not qualify or who would prefer not to seek qualifying work after the program, the fee can be paid as a fixed amount up front instead.

Deferred fee tier

Deferred Fee

20% of your first year's salary, payable over the first 6 months of your job

Fixed fee tier

Fixed Fee

$12,800 due prior to the start of the training program

In order to guarantee your spot in the program, we also require a $2,000 non-refundable deposit. This is applied towards your fee payment or may be returned to you under the terms of the job guarantee.

To learn more about how to qualify for the fee deferral, see our Immersive FAQ.

Upcoming Immersive Cohorts

We run 3 cohorts of the Immersive program each year and space is limited. Applications typically close 2 months prior to the beginning of a cohort but spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and so cohorts generally fill up sooner.

Program Location Start Date Status
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote July 17, 2017 Closed
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote Nov 13, 2017 Closed
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote Feb 26, 2018 Closed
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote Jun 11, 2018 Closed
Full Stack Web Flex Remote Weekly Closed

Joining the Immersive Program

Because of its intensity and duration, this program is not the right fit for every student. It is extremely selective and we typically admit fewer than 3% of applicants. You can learn more about what we're looking for on our Immersive FAQ.

If you have what it takes to join the Immersive Program, apply today!