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Some things you should know before moving on.

Introduction to Node.js

  • What is Node.js?
  • Who created Node.js?
  • What JavaScript engine is used in Node.js?
  • Who developed this JavaScript engine? Where did it come from?
  • What API is not available to Node.js that would be in Google Chrome for example?
  • Why is Node.js not a framework?

Installing Node.js

  • What is the Node.js install wizard?
  • What is NVM and what is it used for? Why is it useful?
  • Why might you want multiple versions of Node.js installed on your machine?
  • How can you check if Node.js is installed on your machine?
  • How can you check if NVM is installed?
  • How do you switch between versions of Node.js using NVM?

Basic Node Functionality

  • What is a Node.js module?
  • How do you make code publically available from a module?
  • What is the difference between module.exports and exports?
  • Why is it recommended to use module.exports instead of exports?
  • How can you load a module into another file in Node.js?
  • What happens if you leave off the file extension of a required module?
  • What are the ways we can export an object from a module? Describe them.
  • What are the ways we can export a function and/or constructor from a module. Describe them.
  • What is a common pitfall when exporting constructor functions from Node.js modules?
  • Why do you not want to instantiate a constructor with new as the value of your module.exports?
  • How do you setup your module to export a constructor function and avoid the pitfall described above?
  • What aspect of require causes this pitfall?


  • What is NPM? What does it stand for?
  • What is NPM commonly used for?
  • Why is NPM important for a Node.js developer?
  • How do you install packages globally with NPM? Locally?
  • How do you save a package as a project dependency? A development dependency?
  • How do you update a package? Remove a package? Create a package?
  • What are some popular Node.js packages? Frameworks?


  • What does JSON stand for?
  • What is the syntax of JSON inspired by?
  • What are the supported data types of JSON?
  • What features of JavaScript are not supported by JSON?
  • Why must you use double quotes around JSON object keys?
  • What feature of require makes JSON files so easy to work with in Node.js?

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