Test Yourself: Express

How well did you learn what's been taught in the previous lessons?

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Make sure you can answer all of these questions from the previous lessons prior to taking on the projects.

Introduction to Express

  • What is Express?
  • What sets Express apart from other frameworks?

Hello Express

  • How do you install Express?
  • What function do you call to create a new Express application?
  • How would you handle a "GET" request to "/friends"?
  • What two arguments does a route handler accept?
  • How do you access route parameters in the route handler?


  • What are the benefits of using a template engine over string concatenation?
  • How do you interpolate JavaScript with Handlebars?
  • How do you set up your Express application to use Handlebars?
  • What function do you call to send back your template as a response?
  • How do you pass properties to the template?


  • What are the differences between a route handler and a middleware function?
  • How do you add middleware to your Express application?
  • What did you likely forget in your middleware function if your browser starts to hang?

Deploying with Heroku

  • How do you create a new Heroku project?
  • What command updates a project with the latest changes?

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