Test Yourself: Basic API Interaction

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Some things you should know before moving on.

Working with Web APIs

Introduction to API Interaction

  • Why do you almost always need to register with third-party APIs?
  • What is the API Key used for?
  • What is the Secret Key used for?
  • What sorts of things do APIs usually limit, throttle, and charge for?
  • What are "Embedded API Calls"
  • Why is it important to understand the Terms of Service of an API if you plan to use it in a serious application?
  • Why is it often advantageous as an application to make requests on behalf of a user instead of doing so from your own API key?
  • Why are tokens useful for API requests?
  • What is a "Sandbox" environment?

Demo: Writing the API Wrapper

  • What library can you use to simplify making web requests with JavaScript?
  • How do you make a get request using this library?

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