Demo: Simple Node Server

A walkthrough using the Node HTTP library to create an HTTP server.

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This demo will focus on getting you acquainted with how to setup your own Node.js web server and respond to HTTP requests with HTML.

The project repo for this demo can be found here.

Once you have the repo cloned or forked you can follow along with the videos to see how to navigate the code. Feel free to alter the code examples to see how they work!

Setting Up

This video takes you through the setup process to get your server running.

Serving HTML

This video covers how to serve an HTML page with Node.js.

Responding with a 404

The following video addresses how to handle a 404 error server-side with Node.

Wrapping Up

This demo covered how to create your own HTTP server in Node.js and serve HTML pages. This will prepare you well to take on the assignment for this section where you'll be building a similar server and outputting dynamic content!

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