Demo: Node.js Basics

A small demo to get you up and running with Node.js modules and NPM.

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This demo will focus on getting you up and running with your first Node.js project. It covers how to initialize a new project with NPM, create a module and install packages from the NPM registry.

The project repo for this demo can be found here.

Once you have the repo cloned or forked you can follow along with the videos to see how to navigate the code. Feel free to try initializing your own project as well as looking around the source files!

Initializing a Node.js Project

This video covers the initial setup of a Node.js project with NPM.

Creating a Module

This next video shows how to create and require a Node.js module.

Using JSON

Here we illustrate how to load a JSON file in Node.js using require.

Installing a Package

Finally, the video demonstrates how to install a package from the NPM registry.

Wrapping Up

This demo covered how to get started with creating Node.js projects. There is so much left to discover because we're merely scratching the surface here! The Node.js community is huge and there are tons of packages and projects out there. Now it's your turn to create your own Node.js project!

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