Project: Main Event: Building the App

It's time to finish things up by connecting your beautiful, modular API wrapper to a web interface using Express.

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Now it's time to build an Express application atop your hand-crafted API library.


Here are the different pages you will need to implement along with screenshots from our Example App

  1. A home page from where the user can enter their zip code.

Zip Code Entry

  1. A listing of all the local legislators for the given zip code.

Zip Code Entry

  1. A list of all the recent bills a selected legislator as voted on, along with both an indicator of their vote as well as a link to the GovTrack page for the bill.

Zip Code Entry

  1. Once all the pages are complete, deploy your app to Heroku, make sure it still works, and then give yourself a hearty handshake.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have your project hosted on Heroku, add a link for your deployed application to your repo's You're all set, it's time to submit a Pull Request and celebrate!

Solution 300 Pull request 300 Octocat 300

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