Demo: Exploring Async Node.js

A walkthrough of common async tasks in Node.js and Promises.

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This demo will focus on getting you acquainted with asynchronous programming concepts and skills in Node.js.

The project repo for this demo can be found here.

Once you have the repo cloned or forked you can follow along with the videos to see how to navigate the code. Feel free to alter the code examples to see how they work!

Basic Promise

This video explains a simple Promise example using Promise.resolve.

Promises with then, catch, resolve and reject

The next video shows you how to use then, catch, resolve and reject to output success and error results for your promises.

Resolving Multiple Promises with Promise.all

This video covers resolving multiple promises at once with Promise.all.

Asynchronous File IO

This video shows you how to use the fs module to read file data using asynchronous callbacks.

Debuggin with the Node.js Debugger

This video covers the basics of how to use the native Node.js debugger.

Wrapping Up

This demo covered asynchronous programming concepts like promises file operations and debugging. Use the code in the demo as a guide to complete the assignments and projects ahead that require you to utilize these skills.

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