Assignment: GitHuh?

Build a Command Line Interface for getting information on GitHub users' accounts.

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Once again, it's time to venture into the wilderness with nothing but your text editor to keep you safe. To test your knowledge of APIs, you're going to hit one that should be quite familiar to you by now: GitHub.


Getting Started

  1. Fork and clone the Project Repo on Github.
  2. Add your name to the README file, commit the change, and push to your fork.
  3. Install the request library with npm.

Your Task

Create a Command Line Interface, GitHuh?, that displays statistics for a given username. Your application should take at least 3 different commands.

  1. githuh repos <username> should return a list of the user's recent repos.
  2. githuh stars <username> should return a list of the user's starred repos.
  3. githuh profile <username> should return the user's profile information (email, number of public repos, follower/following count, etc.)
  4. Any other fun/interesting/useless commands you'd like to implement.

You're going to want to start by familiarizing yourself with the GitHub docs.

Finishing Up

  1. When you're finished with all tasks, push your changes up to your fork (aka $ git push origin master).

  2. To submit your assignment, create a pull request from your fork to the main upstream repository.

  3. Enjoy some Octocat sashimi, you've earned it.

Solution 300 Pull request 300 Octocat 300

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