The Viking Prep Work

Everything you need to begin a career in software engineering.
100% Free

Viking's free prep work takes you miles beyond any other prep program:
from complete beginner to professional fundamentals in Design, Engineering, Markup, and JavaScript.

A Comprehensive Head Start

To get started with the "real" engineering, you need very strong fundamentals. Our prep courses will take you from a complete beginner through actually starting with the first few units of Viking's challenging core curriculum.

This content covers almost as much ground as some full bootcamps do. Many other schools make you pay to prepare and that's silly—not only is our prep more comprehensive, but it is also 100% free.

In Web Development Foundations, you will learn how the web works, the basics of design, and how engineering teams function. In Front End Web Development, you will learn how to build modern web pages. In Core Curriculum Head Start, you will get deep into JavaScript and begin your hiring journey.

Web Development Foundations

2-3 weeks to complete

We believe in creating complete engineers, not just trained code monkeys. That's why the 3 units in our first Web Development Foundations course take you from not knowing anything about web development to fully understanding your place as an engineer within a product-centered organization.

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Web Basics

The basics of what a web developer does, how the web works, how to master your command line, and how to use the Git professional source management tool.

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Web Design

A crash course in the fundamentals of design for engineers. Covering the foundations of user experience (UX), visual design, and how to mock up your websites using Balsamiq.

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Web Engineering

The fundamentals of software engineering, including how they break down complex architectural problems and collaborate on teams by using agile development methods.

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Front End Web Development

3-4 weeks to complete

Full stack developers need to know the core technologies of the browser. Our entire Front End Web Development course is available for free so you can get up to speed on professional-level HTML, CSS, SASS, and Bootstrap.

Understanding each of these technologies is a prerequisite before starting the Core Curriculum.

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HTML5 and CSS3

How web pages are structured using modern markup with HTML5 and styled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with the box model, positioning, alignment, media queries, and dynamic calculations.

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Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS) is a preprocessor for CSS which makes your workflow extraordinarily smoother and introduces professional best practices for styling during the Core Curriculum.

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The high level concepts of time-saving CSS frameworks as expressed through the ubiquitous Twitter Bootstrap framework. Everything from grid system basics to responsive pages and component libraries.

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Core Curriculum Head Start

3-4 weeks to complete

We have opened up the first course in each of our core tracks so you can develop your skills to a higher standard than any other bootcamp and get started on your job search process before you even begin the program.

Ever if your ultimate goal is to attend a different program, the material here will get you well beyond the point of admission. Best of all, it's 100% free.

The first two units of our core Full Stack Engineering track will kick start your understanding of the JavaScript language and take you deep into what it can do.

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Falling in Love with JavaScript

Fall in love with the dynamic webpages you can create using the JavaScript language and the jQuery library while building a real web-based music player.

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Professional Development with JavaScript

Everything you need to turn your disorganized spaghetti code into professionally-architected, API-driven web applications with NodeJS and the Express web framework.

We've also opened up the first course in our Getting Hired track to prepare you for the journey from loving code to getting paid for developing it.

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The Viking Method for Getting Hired

This course, which is the first of several which will help you get a job after the Viking program, will help you understand how hiring actually works and what you can do to begin to outsmart the process.

The full arc of our preparatory content takes you further than anyone else. To get started, set up your free Viking account and you'll be able to access the courses, track your progress, and see other students along the way.

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