NEW: Track Your Progress Through the Viking Prep Work

NEW: Track Your Progress Through the Viking Prep Work

Two new features make the Viking Prep Work more useful for students

Last month, we quietly opened up two new features to Viking Prep Work users that only Viking members have had access to, until now.

Over the past year, a legion of students - soon to be web developers - have committed themselves to completing the Viking Prep Work. Because it has always been free and always available, our preparatory curriculum has become an affordable, high-quality pathway for students to gear up for any coding bootcamp.

Two Big Improvements for Better Learning

While our Prep Work lays a solid groundwork, the challenge it presents - especially if you are coding in your spare time - is that it is comprehensive. Just as our bootcamps carefully train students to be full-stack software developers, the Viking Prep arms you with everything need before you enter a bootcamp.

To make the coursework more enjoyable, easier to measure, and closer to the real-life Viking experience, we’ve opened up our Progress Tracker and Viking Dashboard to anyone currently working in the Prep Work. Your account is free and only takes a few seconds to create.

Get Your Progress Tracker Now

The Progress Tracker measures your weekly pace through the course. Staying consistent is your key to success, and this built-in display helps you make coding a part of your schedule.

Screenshot of the Progress Tracker

The Viking Dashboard tracks lessons as you mark them complete and helps you connect to other students at similar points in the course.

You can use both of these new features at no-cost for as long as you like when you sign up for the Viking Prep Work, which is also free.

The Viking Prep Work provides introductions to Web Development Basics, Web Design Basics, Software Engineering Basics, and a deep dive on Web Markup and Coding that prepares you to tackle the challenges of the Viking coursework (and other bootcamps, too!).

Check Out the Free Viking Prep Work

Get Your Free Progress Tracker and Viking Dashboard

If you have already started the Viking Prep Work, you can take the “Am I Ready?” Quiz to find out how close you are to being ready for bootcamp interview, including the one for the Viking Immersive Program.

The quiz takes about 10 minutes and you can try it out, below.