NEW: Learn Full-Stack JavaScript in 12 Weeks with Viking Immersive

NEW: Learn Full-Stack JavaScript in 12 Weeks with Viking Immersive

Starting In March 2017, the 12-week Viking Immersive Program will teach full-stack JavaScript with React

We've spent the last three years training students for jobs as web developers and software engineers. We offer the deferred tuition model for our Immersive Program and the Guaranteed Tier for our Flex Program because we firmly believe that we are better teachers when we share the risk and the success with our students. That same belief motivates us to constantly refine our approach and upgrade our curriculum, as our industry changes, to ensure that Viking students have the best options for a successful career upgrade.

Our original curriculum used Ruby (on the back end) and JavaScript (on the front end) to take our students from absolute zero all the way to negotiating the salary for their first job as a software engineer.

Today, because the Immersive Program is designed to be the most efficient path for you to get a job in web development, we are replacing the back end Ruby track with a new track in JavaScript for this program. We can now prepare students as job-ready software engineers, in the world's most popular programming language, in a tight 12 week arc.

So, starting with the March 2017 cohort, the Immersive Program is now 12 weeks of full-stack JavaScript.

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Why we Made the Switch

Our curriculum is always evolving to keep up with the latest needs from the startups, consultancies and tech companies who hire our graduates. In this case, we added the new Back End JavaScript track for our Immersive Program for two reasons:

1. JavaScript is eating the world

There is no question that the fastest pace of growth in web development is occurring in the most prolific language available on the web: JavaScript. That growth is measured in new frameworks, new repos and, most importantly, new jobs. As part of an ever-evolving content mix, we want to offer you the opportunity to pursue a complete education in the most cutting-edge stacks available today.

Most Popular Technologies of 2016

Most Popular Technologies of 2016 according to Stack Overflow

2. We can be more efficient by teaching just one core language

We absolutely love Ruby and we love Rails and neither of them is going anywhere soon. Learning one language on the back-end (Ruby) and transitioning to another for the front-end (JavaScript) provides all sorts of benefits because you see so much more about programming languages in general by having to pick up your second one.

This unavoidably takes some additional time and not all students have the time to spare. Our Immersive students, in particular, are looking for the most efficient possible path between them and a job in software. That path is most efficient by embracing a tight focus on a single language: JavaScript.

Efficiency with JavaScript

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How the Course Looks Now

What Stays the Same: The curriculum used by our Immersive Program will continue to cover the same level of depth as before across all significant areas, including the fundamentals of programming, databases, testing, security, frontend frameworks, hiring and so on.

What is Changing: The back end portion will see the most major change because you will now learn JavaScript, NodeJS and Express instead of Ruby, Sinatra and Ruby on Rails. On the front end, we will be replacing Angular 1.x with React as well.

A diagram of our curriculum progression, which shows both the Ruby/Rails and JS/Node tracks, is provided below. I recommend that you Download the Course Syllabus to see the full scope of our newly upgraded curriculum across both programs.

Viking Course Progression

How This Affects Other Viking Programs

The Viking Flex Program, which allows you to take our course part-time and with exactly the level of support you want, will continue to use our newly-updated Rails course on the back end and it will shortly transition to using React on the front end as well.

Starting in Q2 2017, Flex students will have the option of choosing a back-end track from either JavaScript/Node or Ruby/Rails.

How You Can Get Started

You can take advantage of this newly upgraded course path by applying for the March 2017 cohort of the Viking Immersive Program. Applications are currently open but the deadlines will begin arriving very quickly. We accept a very limited number of students into each cohort and the process is extremely competitive.

Your best bet is to:

  1. Apply now for the March 2017 Immersive Program
  2. Dive into our comprehensive -- and free -- Prep Work as soon as possible so you can prepare for your interviews and get ready for Day 1.

The benefits of starting with the free Prep Work are many -- you will not only learn many things that you haven't seen before but you also get a chance to test drive us. So give it a shot!

Regardless of what your first step is, I hope you'll join us to take the next one in your developer career.

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