Are You Ready for a Coding Bootcamp Interview?

Are You Ready for a Coding Bootcamp Interview?

Feel Prepared For Your Coding Bootcamp Interview

There’s a pressing question that prospective bootcamp students often have. Maybe you’ve had it yourself.

"Am I ready for a coding bootcamp interview?"

After you’ve spent weeks and months preparing, trying to evaluate your own skills objectively can feel like stretching to see the back of your head in a mirror. It’s hard to get the right perspective.

After all, you know you learned a great deal in a short time. But, is it enough?

Knowing who to ask for advice can be tricky, too. After all, who else really knows how much you have been studying, or whether you studied the right things?

Resources for Getting Ready for a Coding Bootcamp Interview

What Reources Should You Use?

Once you're certain you want to attend a coding bootcamp, the key is to build study plan and stick to it. Look for the most complete sources you can find. In general, try to reduce the number of sources you’re drawing from so that you’re hearing the fewest number of voices at a time.

There is a good chance the material you’re looking for is available for free. Don’t spread yourself thin with paid sources, yet. When you’re ready to move to paid instruction, choose once and commit.

Focus while preparing for a coding bootcamp

What To Focus On

Start out with high-level topics you want to cover. We recommend you taking a look at the following topics.

Key Areas to Concentrate On

  1. Basic terminology

  2. The Command Line

  3. Professional Workflows

  4. Working on a Product Team

  5. Coding Skills

It’s important to drill as deep as you can on each of these topics. Superficial knowledge will show up quickly as you’re talking to an interviewer, and some bootcamps -- including our Viking Immersive -- only give you one shot at nailing the interview.

Coding, Coding, Coding

Of the key areas listed above, by far the most important is your coding skills. According to Viking founder, Erik Trautman, “Coding makes up 100% of the skills portion of the interview.”

You should have a rock-solid foundation on the basics of syntax and be comfortable using code to solve problems, building small projects, and with the basic architecture of the web.

For the Viking Immersive program, the actual language you’ve studied previously is far less important than being able to demonstrate technical proficiency with it.

Resources for Faster Progress

Our own Viking Prep Work is the most complete bootcamp readiness resource currently available. It’s also completely free, so you can try it out to see if you like our instruction style.

Our Viking Advanced Prep Work includes a comprehensive introduction to coding skills, and by completing it, you’ll be well prepared for any bootcamp interview. You can access the Advanced Prep Work by registering for a free account.

sign up for the Advanced Prep Work to get ready for your coding bootcamp interview

If you have already been studying for a while, it makes sense to check how far you’ve already come. For that purpose, we developed a free self-assessment that measures your proficiency in each key area.

You can complete our “Am I Ready” Quiz below, in about 10 minutes, and get a personalized study guide with links to resources where you can learn exactly what you need to know.

Try it out, right now!