What It Takes To Get Hired With a Non-Traditional Background

What It Takes To Get Hired With a Non-Traditional Background

Our fearless founder teams up with two job hunting experts to tackle one of our most-commonly asked questions

When you start looking for your first engineering job, having a non-traditional background like a coding bootcamp gives you a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. You've proven you have the grit and the hustle to change course and train yourself in a new and challenging career. On the other hand, the tech hiring system favors CS graduates with four-year degrees.

What That Means For You

For you, that means shotgunning your resume to recruiters won't land interviews. You need a better way to stand out. To announce the release of our new Getting Hired course (details below) our founder, Erik Trautman, recently hosted a webinar on the most effective strategies you can use to find your first job as a career developer.

Presenting alongside Viking alumni, Johnny Steenbergen and Sabrina Clark, from Brand Yourself, Erik explained:

  • The hiring system and how it really works at most tech companies
  • How can leverage your non-traditional background to get interviews
  • What you should start doing RIGHT NOW for your future job search

Sabrina and Johnny shared their experiences on crafting a professional narrative for yourself, how to craft your project portfolio, and ways to get hiring managers to respond to your emails. You can find the recording of that webinar at the end of this post.

A New Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Hired

Our newly-released Getting Hired course, available free in our Prep Work, is a step-by-step guide with specific tactics that you can deploy now to prepare for your job hunt.

You also get access to our lesson dashboard, all our Prep Courses, and the progress tracker, which helps you track completed lessons and measures your pace through our Prep Courses.

If you'd like to check out the webinar, you can see the replay here, in its entirety.

You can also get the slide deck, here.

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