Full-stack JavaScript is Coming to the Flex Program

Full-stack JavaScript is Coming to the Flex Program

Announcing the official release of our back-end JavaScript / Node curriculum for Flex Students

Starting on April 24, students in the Flex Program will be able to take our brand new JavaScript back-end track, which covers NodeJS, Express, SQL, Mongo, testing, authentication and more. The full JavaScript arc, which begins in our Prep Work and finishes with our front-end JavaScript course, will give you a complete education as a job-ready full-stack JavaScript developer.

The world of development is rapidly changing. This release allows you to choose exactly which modern technology stack you want to learn from the school who pioneered a depth-first approach to learning development.

Ruby/Rails or Full-Stack JavaScript?

There is no "correct" answer for which back-end track to choose because there are plenty of jobs available in each of them and learning a single stack well is far more useful than picking up multiple stacks halfway.

The dominant back-end technology for almost a decade has been Ruby on Rails and we've spent 3 years building great engineers with our newly updated Rails curriculum. Rails provides an opinionated and well-tested MVC ecosystem where you can open up pretty much any Rails app in the world and start coding immediately.

More recently, JavaScript has begun to extend from the front end into a viable full-stack technology so we've extended our JavaScript curriculum into a full back-end course as well. Back-end JavaScript provides you with a chance to unleash the speed of JavaScript on the server and to use the most cutting-edge frameworks available today.

Regardless of which back-end track you choose, both of them are preceded by our extensive (and free) Prep Work and followed by our JavaScript-based Front End Engineering and Getting Hired courses.

How to Join

To join the Flex Program, simply Sign Up and book your brief 1-on-1 enrollment chat with us. During that session, we'll answer your questions about the program, help you get enrolled and reserve your start date. You can activate your chosen back-end track at any point after your start date and you can even switch between them (if you have the time).

Even better, once you officially graduate from the program, you will gain access to whichever track you didn't take in order to supplement your post-graduate education.

So… if you've been waiting for Full Stack JavaScript to begin the Flex program, now is your chance to sign up. We have limited spaces available each Monday and the next few weeks are already full so don't delay!

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