NEW: The Most In-Depth Bootcamp Prep Program in the World is Free

NEW: The Most In-Depth Bootcamp Prep Program in the World is Free

More than 300 hours of professional content is now available to prepare you for a career in software development

We've seen the coding bootcamp industry grow from just a couple of early players to a massive ecosystem with tens of thousands of students taking advantage of the career switching and acceleration these programs can provide. In response to this skyrocketing demand, many bootcamps have started charging up to $3,000 for preparatory courses alone, just to gain admittance to their programs.

We think that particular trend is crazy, so we decided to do something about it.

At Viking, our core mission remains the same: creating the most comprehensive and accessible coding education in the world. That's why we pulled lessons from our own core curriculum and combined them with fresh content to create something new...

We are proud to launch the new Viking Prep Courses: now the most comprehensive bootcamp prep material available anywhere, with 300+ hours of hands-on learning, all completely free of charge. In total, our free content now covers nearly as much ground as some bootcamps do well into their core curriculum.

What the Courses Cover

The Basic Prep Courses give you the full context of working as a developer, from the basics of Git to design and engineering fundamentals. Our brand new Advanced Prep Courses allow anyone to get fully up to speed on professional grade HTML/CSS, Ruby and JavaScript.

As always, the material is completely free and self-paced. Sign up to access the student dashboard, track your progress and explore the Advanced Prep courses.

Basic Prep Courses

Our basic prep mini-courses give you the foundations and background to confidently dive into more complex and challenging topics.

  1. Web Basics teaches you everything from what a developer actually does to using your command line and the Git version control system.

  2. Web Design lifts the curtain on one of the most confusing areas of working as a developer -- how you can use the basic principles of UI and UX to mock up pages that are clear and effective.

  3. Web Engineering introduces you to the workflows you will use as part of an Agile team to track your progress and best practices for designing effective software systems.

Advanced Prep Courses

Our Advanced Prep Courses build your professional understanding of core web development languages: HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Ruby and JavaScript. You will come away from these courses with a firm foundation, professional best practices and the ability to build significant real-world projects.

  1. Markup covers the principles of creating effective web pages using modern markup tools. That starts with HTML5 and CSS3 but also includes units on the SASS build tool and the widely used Bootstrap framework.

  2. Ruby introduces the Ruby coding language, which was designed for programmer happiness and is the foundation of the popular Ruby on Rails framework covered in our core curriculum.

  3. JavaScript takes you through the complete JavaScript language, which is used in every browser in the world, from the nuts and bolts of code to the deployment of real full-stack JavaScript apps using NodeJS and Express.

[Sign up] to set up your student dashboard for free access to the Advanced Prep Courses.

This goes well beyond preparing students for a bootcamp -- that's the easy part -- it's about giving them the tools to kickstart their careers by understanding the context of working in an engineering team and empowering them to produce full-stack web applications on their own before they even begin.
- Erik Trautman, founder of Viking Code School

How to Get Started

To access the new courses in our student portal and track your progress along the way, simply create your free account and start learning.

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