You have 12 weeks to skyrocket your way up the learning curve. Let's make them count.

Our schedule is designed to get you building as much as possible while still benefiting from the experience of our instructors. You'll spend most of your time working directly with the other participants on projects using modern pair-programming approaches and in constant communication with our staff. Instructors give demos, tech talks, Q+A's and code reviews throughout the day.

This is more than a full-time commitment — after a supported multi-month prep period, participants in the Immersive Program spend Monday through Friday, over 60 hours per week, on supported learning and project work plus a significant amount of time (typically over 20 hours per week) outside of class.

Daily Schedule

You will begin each day bursting with knowledge and ready to build. After a brief morning Q+A and demo to brush up the concepts of the previous night's study, it's time to code. You'll spend the morning pair programming with another student on foundational exercises for that day's unit. The afternoon pairing session is dedicated to tackling more complex project work.

You'll finish pairing in time for dinner and a bit of exercise before settling into the evening's reading. Instructors are typically available during Office Hours outside of normal class time as well.

Class hours are from 7am-5pm PT, Monday-Friday.

AM Pairing
PM Pairing
Code Review
Evening Learning

The day kicks off with everyone gathered for an interactive session to discuss the evening reading, view a demo, ask questions, and strategize for the upcoming day's projects.

During the morning pairing session, you'll tackle projects designed to reinforce what you learned the previous evening and during the AM demo.

Lunch is a good chance to stretch your legs and grab some sunshine or get to know your classmates a bit better at a virtual table.

The afternoon starts with a quick team check-in to review the morning's work. During multi-day projects, this serves as a stand-up "SCRUM" meeting.

The afternoon pairing session is all about integrating what you've worked on today with the accumulated knowledge of previous weeks by taking on more complex projects.

The structured day finishes with a code review and Q+A session designed to make sure you leave with a good understanding of best practices for the day's projects.

The evening is a supported learning period, meaning that instructors are available to answer questions while you refactor the day's projects and do the next day's reading. We'll often bring in speakers and mentors to provide industry perspective as well.

Course Progression

The course is designed to support you through your entire progression up the learning curve, from the 6-12 weeks of prep work after you enroll, during the 12 intense weeks of the core program, into your first development job and beyond.

Course progression diagram 12js

Upcoming Immersive Cohorts

We run 3 cohorts of the Immersive program each year and space is limited. Applications typically close 2 months prior to the beginning of a cohort but spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis and so cohorts generally fill up sooner.

Program Location Start Date Status
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote July 17, 2017 Closed
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote Nov 13, 2017 Closed
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote Feb 26, 2018 Closed
Full Stack Web Immersive Remote Jun 11, 2018 Closed
Full Stack Web Flex Remote Weekly Closed

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