Project: Warmup: The Home Page

Building a clone of Facebook's home page.

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Getting Started

For this project, you'll actually submit your solution in the form of a pull request on Github. This workflow is very similar to what you'll see during the course.

  1. Go to the Github Repo for this project. It's basically just a README file.
  2. Fork a copy of this repo for yourself. See How to fork if you need a refresher.
  3. Clone your forked copy to your local machine.
  4. Put all necessary HTML and CSS files inside this repo. You're now ready to go!

1: Build the Home Page

The first place to start is by building the Home page. You don't need the form to actually submit anything, of course.

We've provided mockups below which cut out some of the extra features like links and advertisements. You can build the one you created during the Mockups Project if you want all the extras.

Click the image for a larger version Facebook Home Page Mockup

After you're done with the home page continue on to the about page in the next lesson.

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