Introduction to Markup and Styling

An unveiling the core tools and concepts of front-end web development.

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Welcome to the HTML5 and CSS3 unit, the first in our Advanced Prep courses!

This is where you will learn how to actually build websites with HTML markup and to style them with CSS. By the end of this unit, you will have the tools you need to create and style a website. This alone will enable you to build your own static websites using many existing tools across the web.

Future units will cover how to write more efficient code with the SASS preprocessor and to save time by applying the popular Bootstrap framework.

Even if you're not here as prep for our core Flex or Immersive programs, what you learn over the coming lessons will help you kick start your web development abilities and will give you tools that you can use to climb to the next step in your technical education. This is where the pace picks up and things get really fun!

We think it's more fun to learn something when you've got the goal right in front of you. That's why we'll also introduce a major project in the course (Danebook) and you will actually create many of the pages that will be used in that project. These pages will slowly but surely come to life as we progress through the core curriculum. Later, your back end knowledge will start to reconnect with the front end pages you will have created here.

Our goal this unit is to get you comfortable with markup, styling, Git workflows, and Agile project management while building a series of key pages for our main project. Are you ready?

Are You Ready? (Thor)

We hope you enjoy it! 3...2...1... let's go!

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