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In this lesson, we'll give a brief overview of what you can expect from this unit.

First, we'll set you loose on a site that has exploded in popularity called CodePen. There you'll explore all kinds of amazing posts from web developers all around the world that want to show off just what you can do with HTML and CSS.


After you've gotten a taste of the possibilities, we'll dive head first into HTML5. In this section, we'll cover the new tags and features of HTML5 as well as give the details on the best practices for writing well-structured markup. You'll wrap up by building your own resume in HTML5.


Next, we'll begin your studies of style. We'll cover the concepts of CSS basics, the box model and how it fits in with HTML elements and zoom in on how to style specific HTML elements correctly. You'll get the chance to try all these features out in your very own version of the "Viking CSS Garden" which is named after the popular CSS Zen Garden.

Professional Markup and Styling

Then we'll show you some of the libraries the pros use to create reusable CSS so they can produce consistent styles across their entire site! After that, we'll show you common debugging tips and you'll finish off the section by building your very own blog page.

Project: Building Facebook

To top off the unit, you'll recreate the most popular Facebook pages with static HTML and CSS. This will give you a chance to try out everything you've learned and measure it up against a real live site that you most likely have used for years!

Getting Help

As a reminder, any time you're stuck, use the following approach:

  1. Read the error message (if there is one) and really try to understand what it's saying.
  2. Form a hypothesis for what's gone wrong.
  3. If you can't fix it yourself, Google it. Being able to state the problem in words often leads you to find the solution.
  4. If you can't figure it out on Google after 15 minutes, ask the team in chat. Other students have no doubt had this issue as well and will again in the future.
  5. If you still can't find resolution, reach out to us directly and we'll happily jump in to assist you.

Next up, prepare to fall in love! With HTML and CSS that is...

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