Planning your Strategy

Planning out how the upcoming weeks will look is the best thing you can do right now.

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Recall the high level principles of the Viking Method:

  1. You must understand the system you are a part of.
  2. You must understand yourself.
  3. You must connect 1-on-1 with real people.

We have looked at the hiring system itself, showed you what companies are looking for, and introduced some psychological and process hacks for beginning to bend the system to your advantage. Now it is time to use these things to craft a specific and actionable strategy for getting your hired.

As we've said, preparation is key and this section of the course is all about making sure you are properly prepared for the job search ahead. They key principle here is that this should start immediately, whether you have been developing for years or are just getting started. Everything we will discuss in this section benefits from time, so it's best to get going NOW.

Poor Planning

Understanding Yourself

We will start by focusing on our second principle, that you must understand yourself. This means understanding your strengths and weaknesses then clarifying what you are actually looking for. Only by having clear objectives are you able to actually perform the kinds of targeted outreach which will form the core of our strategy.

Preparing Yourself

Once you understand yourself and your objectives, it's time to start working.

The first step is to pull together your Personal Narrative, or the way you will tell your story. This should be a reflection of who you are but told in a way which helps you to fit into the profile of the "ideal developer" we looked at previously.

Next, you need to actually tell that story! That means creating your Vapor Trail online by setting up the necessary websites, profiles, social and blog postings to back it up. This relates directly to our previous discussion about how you should "be a line, not a point". The more content you put out there which displays who you are and how you've grown, the easier it is for potential employers to build that narrative in their head when they Google you.

Reaching Out

Finally, you need to get over the tallest psychological barriers of this process immediately. That means getting over your fears of putting yourself out there and your fears of actually reaching out to real human beings. We'll help you with this by providing a specific set of exercises which will get you on the radar of real developers so you can begin to build on the "line not a point" philosophy.

We'll also talk briefly about how you can "network" as a developer before laying out a concrete set of assignments designed to ensure that you are fully prepared for the journey ahead.

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