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Set up your static profiles to get your Personal Narrative out there.

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You're job searching and your employers will Google you. Make sure they find the story you want them to find — that you're a highly technical and motivated individual whom others have trusted with project work and who has built some really cool stuff.

Start by Googling yourself in an incognito window to see what comes up on the first few pages. Is this who you want to be seen as?

In this lesson, we'll provide some tips on cleaning up your static web presence. We'll focus specifically on Github and your Resume in later lessons.


You should have a LinkedIn profile that lists your technical skills and accomplishments. The summary section of your profile will be very similar to your cover letter — a brief look at who you are and why you're awesome. Just like with your resume (as you'll see), you don't need to include an exhaustive list of your previous positions. If they aren't technical or relevant, leave them out. Remember — you're trying to portray a picture of technical depth, not a "Jack-of-all-trades" look.

Include any of your projects that are particularly interesting. If you've worked with other friends/students on these projects, link to their profiles too — it shows that you can work as part of a team.

LinkedIn Tips

  • Write "Full Stack Developer" as your title (the one at the very top by your name). Recruiters at companies will find you with their automated algorithms.
  • You don't need to say "Looking for XYZ" in your profile — it can sound a bit desperate
  • Connect with each of your teammates, instructors, mentors and friends. Endorse them for the skills they have (e.g. Ruby, Rails, JavaScript etc) and prompt them to endorse you.
  • Get your project teammates to write glowing personal reviews of working with you. They know how good you are at solving technical issues! These reviews matter.
  • Include a photo. Be a human.

LinkedIn Resources

Quora / Facebook / Twitter / etc

On these sites, again make sure your profiles don't say anything terribly unintelligent or offensive. Even if you're an offensive person, this isn't the time to display it. Try to make them consistent with your narrative of technical strength.

Clean up your posts as well, removing anything absurd or excessive. Personality is good, but political/religious rants, crazy drinking photos and discussions about how lazy you are will be major red flags for potential employers.

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