Flex Program Support

At Viking, we promise to challenge you to hit your peak performance and to support you well along the way.

As a student at Viking, you are a full member of our community from the day you enroll. All students have access to the core 24/7 support services you need to get over the humps and break through the walls along the way.

You also meet 1-on-1 every week with your personal mentor, a professional developer who will keep you on track, get you ready for the job search and take your code to the next level.

  • VCS Student
    The staff at Viking is very supportive, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. You will certainly gain in-depth technical and soft skills.
    Deepa Kackar

Core Learning Support for All Students

All students of Viking have access to a core set of support resources so you can get your questions answered quickly and start writing code again.

24/7 Chat

You have access to our full community at all times. Our instructors are available to answer questions via chat.

Live Virtual Office Hours

Our instructors host office hours throughout the week where you can drop in to ask questions or get your code reviewed.

Viking Community

We help you connect with other students along the way, whether for collaborating on project work or making new friends.

Your progress is what matters most to us, so our Program Coordinators are always there to answer questions or help you out along the way.

Collaboration and Community

You work alongside a vibrant community containing hundreds of other students and are encouraged to collaborate direclty with them on project work. In fact, for your final projects, you are *required* to work with at least one other student so you understand what it's like to work on a team.

Intensive Career support from Start to Hired

Viking Career Services is a high intensity process which supports you fully both during your time in the core program and in the Job Search Cycle beyond.

Your strongest assets are with you from day 1:

Your Personal Mentor

Your mentor, who has already hired developers before, is your best resource for real-world advice and connections.

Viking Career Services Team

The Viking Career Services Team is your personal concierge during the job search, providing everything from 1-on-1 reviews to progress huddles during the Job Search Cycle.

Mentor Mock Interviews

You will receive mock interviews through our mentor network with critical feedback about how you can improve your skills.

The Viking Career Roadmap

Inside a 1-on-1 Mentor Session

Your Mentor is your key ally as you go through the program. They will work with you each week until you finish, keeping you on task and reviewing your code to ensure it follows industry best practices.

Our video-based mentor sessions have 3 parts:

Review Progress

What did you accomplish in the time since you last met? This keeps you accountable for making progress each week.

Review Code

Code review is the primary goal of your check-in. Your mentor will ask you to show off your newly completed projects to ensure the code meets requirements and best practices.

Set Goals

Based on your upcoming schedule, what will you accomplish before the next session?

Mentors are also a window into the world of real software development, so they're also able to help you get your foot in the door by providing mock interviews, references, and general advice on your job search.

Meet the Mentors

Your mentor is your partner, teacher, and most important link to the "real world" of software engineering. Because of this, we only work with the very best mentors, who are chosen for the combination of their strength with our core curriculum, their experience working as developers, and their excellent communication skills.

Here are a few of our mentors who are currently taking on students:

Dirk Weibel Profile Picture

Dirk Weibel
Richmond, VA

Dirk has a long and storied history, working on low-level code, scaling applications, managing teams of engineers and more. He's written everything from COBOL to cutting edge JavaScript frameworks at companies from Agile consultancies to some of the world’s biggest (and hairiest) code bases.

Experience: 20+ years
Core Technologies: COBOL, Java, Groovy/Grails, PCML, Drools, HMTL/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS
GitHub Profile: dweibel
Robert Clark Profile Picture

Robert Clark
Cleveland, OH

Robert, a grad from the storied RIT CS program, has worked across the software spectrum. He cut his teeth developing for a rapid production consultancy before running his own which catered to high growth startups.

Experience: 10+ years
Core Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django
GitHub Profile: lojack
Peter Christensen Profile Picture

Peter Christensen
Seattle, WA

Peter has been involved in CS since the 90's, working in the past 2 decades as a senior engineer at companies across the spectrum from small startups (GeekStack) to venture-funded rocketships (Groupon) to good-hearted tech companies (Goodreads).

Experience: 20+ years
Core Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C#, ASP.Net, SQL
GitHub Profile: pchristensen
Nick Papacostas Profile Picture

Nick Papacostas
New York, NY

Nick is a Full Stack engineer and Fulbright Scholar who previously worked in London with Guardian News and Media playing with a plethora of web technologies. He's freelancing while going back for his Masters in SWE.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Scala
GitHub Profile: NickPapacostas
Alex Cheung Profile Picture

Alex Cheung
San Francisco, CA

Alex taught himself to code at 14 years old. Since then, he's helped code and launch three companies: Homejoy, ShiftPayments, and Emburse. He currently mentors students at top tech companies while putting together new apps of his own.

Experience: 10+ years
Core Technologies: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Meteor and Node.
GitHub Profile: alexycheung
Ranjit Bijoy Profile Picture

Ranjit Bijoy
Atlanta, GA

Ranjit has worked as a developer for many years, doing everything from leading small startups to collaborating with Fortune 500 companies. He worked to launch CNN’s Great Big Story initiative and is currently digging deeper into CS as a graduate student at Georgia Tech.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: AngularJS, Javascript, Ruby, Rails
GitHub Profile: renjibijoy
Gerard O'Neill Profile Picture

Gerard O’Neill
Los Angeles, CA

He is a software engineer based in Los Angeles, where he currently works remotely for Trello. He previously worked at Etsy in Brooklyn after graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in computer science. In addition to programming, he loves to teach.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, NodeJs, React, AngularJS
GitHub Profile: grardb
Eumir Gaspar Profile Picture

Eumir Gaspar
South Perth, Australia

Eumir started as a front end developer then transitioned to full-stack by pair-programming with awesome people. He has used Rails since 2009 and now works as a senior developer paying it forward to junior colleagues.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: JQuery, Ruby, Rails, HTML/CSS, SASS
GitHub Profile: corroded
Guillaume Voisin Profile Picture

Guillaume Voisin
Budapest, Hungary

Guillaume is an experienced developer who has worked at consultancies across Europe and is currently running the development of a consumer mobile app in the event space.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: Ruby, Rails, SQL, AngularJS
GitHub Profile: guillaumevoisin
John Eo Profile Picture

John Eo
Austin, TX

John is an experienced application software developer with over a decade of experience in web application technologies, include client- and server-side development for single-page app (SPA) and RESTful web services.

Experience: 10+ years
Core Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, Java
GitHub Profile: johneo
Holman Gao Profile Picture

Holman Gao
New York, NY

Holman is an entrepreneur and freelance developer with a love for education. He previously was an early engineer at several startups, and moved to freelancing so he can work on his own projects (BoostMySchool, BookBooster, Thum.io). Outside of work, he enjoys attending meetups and participating in hackathons.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, React, Ruby, Rails, Python
GitHub Profile: golmansax
Alex Liebowitz Profile Picture

Alex Liebowitz
Williamsburg, MA

Alex is a full-stack developer with experience building web apps and content sites with complex requirements and large audiences. He has worked for clients ranging from startups to large corporations.

Experience: 5+ years
Core Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node.js, HTML/CSS, Python
GitHub Profile: alexliebowitz

When we help you match with a mentor, we take into account all sorts of factors like experience, location, personality and even sense of humor. Your mentor is your ally for the duration of the program so we do what it takes to make sure you have a great fit.