Wrapping up the Unit

Putting what you just learned in context and looking ahead to the projects and future units.

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This past unit was just a taste of the power of Ruby. During the preceding lessons, you journeyed from the nuts and bolts of data types, flow control and iteration to more advanced topics like blocks and the Enumerable module. You picked up some interesting bits and pieces like error handling and debugging. You even got a taste of what's coming up ahead. That's a lot of material!

In some ways, it might feel like you've just pulled every tool off the shelf and thrown it haphazardly into your Ruby toolbox. Where's the organization? How do professional developers use all this stuff to actually solve problems? Why does your head feel like it's completely full already?

You'll get a chance to deploy your toolbox during the upcoming project but the real good stuff is coming up soon, when we'll take the raw power of what you just learned and hone it using object-oriented best practices. That's when the pieces really start to fall into line.

Forging a new Ruby developer takes time and patience. This is just the beginning...

forging a new developer

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