A Taste of Ruby

Get a brief taste of how the Ruby language works.

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Ruby Tasting

Now that you've seen a bit of Ruby in action, it's time to get acquainted with the language itself. In this lesson, you'll get a brief taste of how it all works.

The Basic Components of Ruby

Ruby uses the same logical components as other programming languages (the same kinds of things we talked about when pseudocoding). That means:

  1. It runs from top to bottom
  2. Flow can be controlled with conditional logic like "IF" statements
  3. It uses all kinds of useful looping methods
  4. It lends itself well to modular design through the use of common object-oriented constructs like methods and classes.

There's no substitute for trying things out, so let's dive in.

Your Assignment

Ruby is so popular these days that there are some very good resources available for you to learn with. Go through the following resources to get your feet wet and introduced to Ruby. We'll cover it more in-depth in the next lesson, so don't worry if your head is spinning a bit after the "Ruby in 100 Minutes" resource!

  1. Do the quick exercises at tryruby.org. Don't worry about the stuff where they're reading from a file, that's getting deeper than you need to right now.
  2. Read through the Ruby in 100 Minutes project from Jumpstart Lab and follow along on your own computer.

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