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Back in my day

You are now ready for your first full-fledged JavaScript project and the timing couldn’t be any better. I have a killer pitch for you! Listen.

The Pitch

Today, more and more music is kept away from its would-be fans, cloistered behind insurmountable pay walls and exclusivity deals. Even though many music streaming services boast, “all the music you can eat for the cost of two coffees a month,” those of us who can't afford to give up our precious bimonthly coffees might be facing a world of deafening silence. But do not fear, for there remains an everlasting sonic sanctuary: Royalty Free Music.

Long after Taylor Swift absconds with her discography behind the walled gardens of Apple Music, Traylor Bift’s semi-professionally produced techno-country riffs shall remain squarely in the public domain—and are nearly indistinguishable from T-Swizzle’s (apparently one of Taylor’s many nicknames) at low volumes. Once Sufjan Stevens vows to release his next album exclusively via whispering it into the petals of that one orchid that blooms just once every seven years, we will still have Something Stevejams and his field recordings of bros playing Jason Mraz-inspired “originals” in the campus quad. In the coming drought, Royalty Free Music will be an everlasting spring.

The Age Of Royalty Free Music

Now that I have proven to you that Royalty Free Music is undoubtedly the future of music, perhaps you can already see where this is going. We must capitalize on our shared vision and build a product for this impending reality. We must become the ”Spotify” “of” “Royalty Free Music”. You may be asking yourself, “how viable is a business based on something that is intrinsically free?” Hold your horses! Now is not the time for questions, but the time for action. Anyway, monetization occurs naturally once a site gets Series-A Hacker News Death-Funded, so we don’t even have to worry about that.

Now I am more of a visionary/thought-leader than a programmer/person-who-works, so I'm afraid you will have to do most of the heavy lifting from here on out. Lucky for you, this is a real perpetual motion machine of an idea, so you mostly just have to strap your hands to your keyboard and ride it out.

Wrapping Up

In the next lesson, I will give you some mockups. Your first task will be to translate them into well-architected HTML and CSS. Once this layout is in place, you will get to ply your newfound JavaScript skills, breathing life into your heretofore inert markup. I hope you’re eager as I am to get started; the clickety-clack of fresh .js files is royalty free music to my ears.

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