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We think, by now, it's obvious that you cannot escape the reigns of JavaScript. Especially if you want to build something on the client side (browser APIs, DOM interaction, adding behavior and dynamics to your web pages, etc.). However, one question that has always poked the mind of programmers is: can we make the language better?

And the final and definitive answer is: yes. Although JavaScript has a difficult past, nowadays it's subject to a yearly iteration that constantly adds features to the language in order to make it better, more expressive, cleaner, friendlier, etc.

The first major iteration of this kind was ES6. ECMAScript 6, also known as ECMAScript 2015, was the first version of the new age of ECMAScript standard. ES6 is a significant update to the language, and the first update to the language since ES5 was standardized in 2009.

In the following sections, we're gonna dissect some ES6 knowledge alongside some basic truths about JavaScript's this keyword, objects and your tools. So, how will this unit look?

Basic syntax: This

Learning the new stuff is definitely important. However, in order to understand how the language evolved and why there was a need of change, we must first understand the basics. The this keyword has given goose bumps to developers for ages now. It's time we put it under the microscope and learn about it.

Running JavaScript from files

Learn your tools and learn your environment! That's the basis of this lesson and it's one good piece of advice!

Constructing Objects

Objects are everywhere in JavaScript. The goal of this lesson is to understand how they work and what can you achieve with them!

ES6 Classes

Yes, we do have classes in JavaScript! This is an ES6 addition to the language and it's ready to be used in the wild!

JavaScript Style Guide

Code that works is good. But it's not perfect unless it's readable too. In this lesson, we will learn some tips and tricks about how we can visually format our code as well what are some best practices that we can employ when writing clean code.

Wrapping Up

To wrap things up, in the following sections we aim to cement some of our understandings related to basic concepts in JavaScript and to learn some ES6 stuff along the way.

Go forth now, it is time to learn some tips and some ES6 for the greater good of JavaScript!

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