Viking's curriculum takes you deep to ensure that you get the tools you need to launch a sustainable career in software.

Our coursework is divided into the parts you see below which, together, take you from complete beginner to professional grade developer. It is more than what is covered in a typical accelerated program or several years of full time school. Both the Immersive Program or the Flex Program use this curriculum*.

We emphasize building complete engineers, so you'll learn skills across the entire web development stack plus gain an understanding of your role on a development team and in a product-based organization.

This path is designed to help you master the fundamentals and build the engineering instincts you'll need to confidently tackle any future skill, job interview, or development challenge.

  • VCS Student
    Viking was tough. The curriculum will test the very limits of what you think you can accomplish and kick it even further.
    Andrew Baik

Explore the Curriculum

Click on the panels below to see what each stage of the curriculum covers. We emphasize fundamentals over flash, so while we cover some of the most modern and relevant tools in web development today, our emphasis is on giving you the base from which you can learn any new technology that comes along.

The panels below show what each stage of the curriculum covers. We emphasize fundamentals over flash, so while we cover some of the most modern and relevant tools in web development today, our emphasis is on giving you the base from which you can learn any new technology that comes along.

Take a more in-depth look at our programs on our syllabus and learn more about what "Points" mean on our Methodology Page.

Basic Prep Work FREE
~120 Points
Advanced Prep Work FREE
~370 Points
~100 Points
~400 Points
The Front End
~500 Points
Final Projects
~100 Points
Hiring + Algorithms
~200 Points
Basic Prep Work
~120 Points

The Viking Prep Work is publicly available (you can start it here) and contains several mini-courses which get you up to speed on the fundamentals of web development and what life is like for a developer.

Key Topics:
  • • Web Development Basics
  • • Web Design Basics
  • • Software Engineering Basics
Key Projects:
  • • Git Calisthenics
  • • UX Teardowns
  • • Agile Stories for an E-Commerce App
Advanced Prep Work
~370 Points

Our advanced prep covers all you need to get started as an engineer, venturing into both markup with HTML/CSS and coding with JavaScript. You will learn how to combine coding principles with markup using SASS and how to rapidly prototype professional websites with Bootstrap.

These challenging courses are designed to provide you with the strong fundamentals you need to get started with our advanced core curriculum.

Key Topics:
  • • How the program will work
  • • Markup with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and SASS
  • • JavaScript Programming
  • • Getting Hired (Part I)
Key Projects:
  • • Rebuilding Facebook
  • • The Danebook Frontend
  • • The Spotify Music Player
  • • Tower of Hanoi
~100 Points

Since data is the foundation of every major web application, we take a data-first approach to teaching. You start by studying data modeling and theory before diving into SQL and NoSQL databases.

You will work with data sets both large and small in your quest to master the challenges of structuring, organizing and querying with today's modern database tools

Key Topics:
  • • Database Theory
  • • Data Modeling
  • • SQL
  • • NoSQL
Key Projects:
  • • Real world data modeling
  • • The SQL calisthenics
  • • NoSQL calisthenics
~400 Points

The JavaScript/Node Back End section covers everything you need to become a confident back-end engineer using JavaScript, NodeJS and Express.

We kick things off with a deep dive into the event-driven world of Node before moving things online with ExpressJS. Everything comes together when you pick up authentication systems and build a series of full-featured JavaScript applications.

Key Topics:
  • • NodeJS
  • • Express
  • • JavaScript Testing
  • • Authentication and Security
  • • File Uploads and Email
Key Projects:
  • • A Github commit feed
  • • A dynamic realtime chat system
  • • An affiliate referral ponzi scheme
  • • A full-featured E-Commerce app
The Front End
~500 Points

Our Front End portion of the course will give you all the tools you need to work as a front-end engineer who is fully confident with JavaScript and modern production techniques.

You will learn how to make web applications snappy using AJAX and how to apply strong code organization principles to the Wild West of JavaScript. In the last portion, you will learn how to use modern JavaScript frameworks like React to build robust and lightning fast single-page applications.

Key Topics:
  • • The DOM / BOM Model
  • • Frontend Data Modeling
  • • JavaScript Atop an API
  • • Single Page Apps with React/Redux
Key Projects:
  • • Snake
  • • The AJAX Puppy Shelter
  • • Fideligard Stock Portfolio Simulator
  • • Full Stack Project Manager
Final Projects
~100 Points

You finally have what it takes to really impress employers by building something ambitious and complex, using all you've learned so far. This is your chance to apply these skills in the framework of working on a real engineering team.

For these projects, all students are required to work in groups (regardless of program). You will start by putting on your Product Manager hat and pitch your idea, produce mockups and break down user stories. You will then transition back into "engineering mode" and do poker planning, prioritize your backlog and finally plan out two full sprints.

From there, you will have regular team SCRUM meetings and code reviews. This culminates in a demo presented to your "client", the whole Viking community.

Key Topics:
  • • Agile story writing
  • • Sprint planning
  • • Collaborating on your project
  • • Marketing your project effectively
Key Projects:
  • • The Final Project
  • • Your Final Project Demo
Hiring + Algorithms
~200 Points

Starting day 1, we'll show you how to hustle onto the radar of companies and to stand out despite an unconventional resume.

Once you’re ready, we’ll dive deep into Data Structures and Algorithms, providing you with the understanding you need to make good engineering decisions and to pass technical interviews.

Finally, you'll learn how to present well during your interviews and, with an offer in hand, how to maximize your outcome and compensation. We'll present you with study materials, interview scripts and take-home projects based on the actual experiences of our alumni.

Key Topics:
  • • The Personal Narrative
  • • Networking for Engineers
  • • Nailing the Interview
  • • Core Data Structures
  • • Search and Sorting Algorithms
  • • Salary Negotiation
Key Projects:
  • • The Three Job Challenge
  • • The DOM Parser Project
  • • Algorithmic problems and take-home projects
  • • Interview Practice Scripts

A Sampling of Projects

The projects you build as a part of our curriculum vary in size, scope and content. Some are designed to help you firm up your understanding (since building cures all problems!) while others are created with an eye towards your portfolio. You will also have ample opportunity to create projects of your own along the way as well, especially during our collaborative final projects.

The E-Commerce Store

Our e-commerce store will require you to set up an advanced data model to support users who want to shop for items, login, and check out using the Stripe API. You will also build out the query-heavy admin infrastructure which allows store owners to see transaction statistics and to manage system data.

Core Technologies: Node/Express, SQL, Stripe API

Core Skills: Data Modeling, MVC, CRUD, advanced forms and associations, making API calls

The Historic Stock Portfolio Simulator

What if you could pull stock data from an API, make trades to construct your portfolio, and see how it performs over time, all as part of a lightning-fast single-page app? Our stock portfolio simulator will require you to work with complex and dynamic data relationships on the front end to make this possible.

Core Technologies: Javascript, React

Core Skills: Complex front-end data modeling, SPA routing, API calls, MV* pattern, data preprocessing

The Project Management Tracker

Our project management tool will integrate everything you learned during the course into an application which allows users to manage their workflow by logging in, setting up tasks, assigning tasks to other users, changing task status, and viewing the activity of their team.

Core Technologies: Node/Express, SQL, JavaScript, React, DropzoneJS

Core Skills: JavaScript on an API, drag-and-drop interfaces, front-end logins, activity feeds

The Full-Featured Social Network

Our full-featured social network will require you to map out complex data relationships between more than a dozen models while you allow users to post, comment, upload photos, "friend" each other, "like" polymorphically, and track login status... all while putting together a buttery-smooth user interface.

Core Technologies: SQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Amazon S3

Core Skills: MVC, CRUD, polymorphic + self-referencing relationships, file uploads, task queues, testing, AJAX, EJS, authentication

These are just a few of the projects you will build as part of the course. By the end, you will have the skills to do almost anything... so you're only limited by the scope of your creativity!

The Final Mile: Getting Hired

We have baked your job search into the curriculum from the very beginning, when we teach you how to succeed in today's job market even with a "non-traditional" background.

While the details of the additional job support you receive will vary depending on which program you choose, our core curriculum contains information on:

Leveraging Your Non-Traditional Background

We've laid out a battle-tested approach for getting you noticed in a highly competitive job market where you probably have more enthusiasm than relevant experience.

Interviewing Like a Professional

Once you've been noticed, you need to nail the interview. We'll lift the curtain so you can see how this process works behind the scenes and how you can best prepare for it.

Handling Offers and Negotiation

We cover the most important part of the job process -- when you can make or lose tens of thousands of dollars -- and show you exactly how to maximize your outcome.

Along the way, we provide you with everything from step-by-step approaches for getting on the radar of companies to email templates you can use when reaching out.

We regularly include feedback from now-employed alumi to add new sample problems, interview questions and resume tips so you have everything you need to land the job you want.

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