Wrapping up the Unit

Putting what you've just learned into context.

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You did it! You've officially completed the entire front-end web development course! This is cause for celebration. You can dance a little if you like...

Front-end finished Scrubs dance

Let's take a step back and realize what we've learned here.

You are an HTML and CSS boss! You understand the new semantics of HTML5 and how to use it to create meaningful markup. You also learned all about the newest CSS3 features and how to make that meaningful markup catch the user's eye with dazzling styles! Then came the SASSiness.

Now you have SASS to jet fuel your CSS styles and allow you the flexibility and ease of use you yearned for with raw CSS. Knowing SASS and the inner workings of CSS preprocessors will prepare you well for working with frameworks that use SASS by default for their style sheets in the future. CSS preprocessors are basically an industry standard at this point. Speaking of industry standards that you know! Bootstrap!

Bootstrap is on just about every employer's list of must have skills. Why? Because it is quick, effective and stable. Your knowledge of Bootstrap will not only make you a more efficient front-end developer but it will give you insight to how CSS frameworks are put together to solve common problems and the role they fill as well. Welcome to pro-status front-end frameworks!

Take a moment, two or five and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You've built a firm foundation on which we're about to expand to the world of programming languages. Get ready! The best is yet to be revealed.

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