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Join the only world-class software engineering bootcamp to give you a clear and supported path to a job regardless of your location, time or budget.

  • VCS Student
    I looked at every major coding school out there but I would do Viking again if I had the opportunity.
    Tom McLaughlin
  • VCS Student
    It has definitely been challenging and I have so much more confidence now.
    Michael Alexander
  • VCS Student
    I continue to be surprised at how much I've learned, impressed by how you've structured the course, and pleased with the investment of my time and money.
    Abhi Sivasailam
  • VCS Student
    Anyone coming out of Viking looking for a dev job is more than well-equipped to get hired.
    Peter DePaulo
  • VCS Student
    I've learned more since starting Viking than I ever did in the two years of self-learning I'd done prior.
    Tom McLaughlin
  • VCS Student
    I've been very impressed with the quality of my fellow students in the course. It has absolutely been worth it.
    Andur Carr

We Build Complete Software Engineers

Viking Code School runs the top online software engineering training and job placement programs. We train the best potential software engineers from around the world for the jobs that need them today.

Full Stack Web Development

1000+ lessons and 80+ projects take you deeper into the Web than anyone else. Learn More

Flexible Options for Your Lifestyle

Our time and fee options give anyone the ability to take Viking programs from anywhere in the world.

A Track Record of Success

Students from all backgrounds have been successful launching their careers with Viking.

How it Works: Launch Your Career with Full Support

You will learn the technologies and processes of modern software engineering by building more than 80 projects to populate your professional portfolio of work.

You will dig deeper into the fundamentals of programming with a curriculum designed to challenge you while giving you the tools to confidently land your first developer job.

Regardless of which program you use to take the course, you have access to our full support, a community of other students and professional best practices all along the way.

One Course, Two Programs, Infinite Flexibility

Viking is mission-driven to launch 1,000,000 high-growth careers so we've made our course accessible for almost any situation:

Are you ready to leave your old career to launch your new one right now?
Hoping to keep your current job while learning skills to upgrade it?
Want to turn your current degree into skills that are actually marketable?
Interested in learning Silicon Valley engineering from outside the US?

Regardless of your situation, you can take the Viking course in exactly the way that fits your goals, time, and budget because we offer two distinct online programs:


The most intense and supported path to launch your new career now.

70+ Hrs/ Week
Immersive Support

This highly selective program immerses you in the world of software engineering for 12 of the most intense weeks of your life.

You work every day directly with teams of other students to build real world projects with unlimited support from instructors.

Learn About Immersive

FLEX Program

The most Flexible way to get a world class education in software.

Flexible Hours

Flexible Support

Monthly Fee

The Flex Program allows you to take the deepest and most challenging bootcamp program available on your own terms and with exactly the level of support you want.

Best of all, you can start as soon as you're ready and results are guaranteed.

Learn About Flex

Are You Ready?

If you're ready to change your life and commit to starting a sustainable career in web development, one of the options above will take you there.

If you aren't yet sure whether this is the right fit or you're just getting started, check out our comprehensive Prep Work to get a feel for what we do and learn some great skills along the way.

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