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Our students come from a variety of backgrounds but they share a common passion for learning, building, and technology.

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Meet the Graduates

No one claims that finishing Viking is easy. Every one of these students has taken all that we could throw at them and turned it into a portfolio of impressive projects and the foundation of a high-growth career in software enginering.

Alice fung profile

Alice Fung

New York, NY

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Alice, a Phi Beta Kappa neuroscience major at Johns Hopkins, was the office manager of a multi-specialty medical practice before taking the leap into development.

The detail, logic and even errors of programming are like a giant teasing puzzle just waiting to be prodded at, disassembled and solved.

Trevor elwell profile

Trevor Elwell

New York, NY

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Trevor, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Syracuse, has lived a secret agent double life as both a startup leader and a freelance developer. More importantly, he can actually do a backflip.

I'm the type of person who needs to be challenged, and programming challenges me on a constant basis.

Nick sarlo profile small

Nick Sarlo

Austin, TX

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Nick got a taste of code while working in international development and quickly found himself wanting to build more.

I was tired of being complacent about my passion and decided to take the next step. Being able to code opens more doors to tackle different kinds of challenges than I ever thought possible.

Nick schwaderer profile

Nick Schwaderer

Plymouth, Devon, UK

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Nick picked up coding as a Representative in the Montana State Legislature and knew he'd found a way to bring his ideas to reality. A man who defines 'hustle', Nick quickly parlayed his new skills into a pork-fighting website which caused such a stir that the state briefly shut down their data API.

Olga ayvazyan profile

Olga Ayvazyan

El Cerrito, CA

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Olga studied theoretical physics under a scholarship at the Moscow University of Physics and Technology. A former entrepreneur and product manager, she's learned engineering to follow a passion for building great products from the ground up.

I always wanted to understand the technology on which the product team bases its strategic decision making.

Nick montanaro profile

Nick Montanaro

New Canaan, CT

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Nick is a Computer Science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Amidst taking on an embedded systems internship, he decided to build a full web-ready engineering skillset. He's a multi-disciplinary developer with a passion for Japanese culture.

Alexa anderson profile

Alexa Anderson

Dallas, TX

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Alexa tutored STEM courses like differential equations, engineering statics and calculus for years but got started with code because she wanted to play with Arduinos.

I've always been an innovator at heart and enjoy tackling the hard problems.

Jessica gillan profile

Jessica Gillan

Denver, CO

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Jessica, who transferred into the Colorado School of Mines to get more challenge in her life, got hooked on development when her first iOS course left too much of the back end unexplored and she decided to lift the hood herself and learn how it all works.

Christian carey profile

Christian Carey

Austin, TX

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Christian, who acted throughout college, started hacking in the down time after his restaurant job so he could help support a non-profit doing ALS research and realized that he couldn't stop.

I really can't believe how much I've learned, and that I'm actually still excited to learn more.

Garrett weinert profile

Garrett Weinert

Santa Barbara, CA

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Garrett discovered a passion for programming while studying economics and accounting at UCSB. He found a home for his analytical skills as a front-end developer who works with AngularJS when not tearing around LA on his skateboard.

The only problem is that there is so much to learn and so little time.

Sia karamalegos profile

Sia Karamalegos

New Orleans, LA

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Sia, a graduate of Harvard Business School who initially picked up Fortran 90 in college, worked in consulting and social entrepreneurship before bringing code back into her life. She spices up life in New Orleans with parade shenanigans and crochet.

Alok pradhan profile

Alok Pradhan

San Mateo, CA

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Alok, with engineering degrees from both Michigan and Illinois, has designed a concept roadster, managed products and run a funded startup. He is a voracious learner with passion for all aspects of development who picked up code with predictable success.

I've learned how to code so I can bring ideas all the way from concept directly to users.

Tom mclaughlin profile full square

Tom McLaughlin

San Francisco, CA

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Tom is a Summa Cum Laude triple-major in Math, Economics and Finance. He cut his teeth working in finance and founded a 7-figure e-commerce business but decided that he wanted to get his hands dirty and build. Now he puts his skills to use creating APIs and dynamic analysis tools to support high growth startups.

Donald kelsey profile

Donald Kelsey

Naperville, IL

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Donald is a passionate gamer with a programming problem on the side. His Tipsy Tetris is an innovative twist on the modern classic and he loves exploring everything from functional programming to ClosureScript.

I want to surround myself with other people who aspire to be the best at what they do.

Joseph lozano profile

Joseph Lozano

Culver City, CA

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Joseph toured the legal profession before deciding to take on programming. He's passionate about all phases of development and particularly interested in diving deeper into back-end JavaScript and game engines. If he's not debugging, he's probably yelling at sports on the TV.

Joshua maslandsarani profile

Josh Masland-Sarani

Elizabethtown, PA

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A chemistry major at Ithaca College who graduated Summa Cum Laude, Josh built Java games and Android apps on his own for several years while taking care of his young daughter at home. He likes making unusual computer input devices with Arduinos and parts sourced from thrift stores and picking up new technologies.

Even if I don't know something, I now know how to learn it quickly and get right into building it.

Thomas lo profile

Thomas Lo

Los Angeles, CA

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Thomas kicked off his career as a semi-pro golf player before transitioning into accounting. Originally a hardware geek, he was inspired by the problem-solving challenges in programming to pick it up as a career. He loves building dynamic single-page apps and exploring the guts of JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and React.

Deepa kackar profile

Deepa Kackar

San Jose, CA

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Deepa worked at Cisco Systems for a decade as a development-test engineer doing automation work before taking the opportunity to transition into web development because of the creative power of the tools at the modern developer's disposal.

Programming feels like doing magic, sometimes it is hard and frustrating but it always comes together and creates something wonderful.

Andrew baik student

Andrew Baik

Alexandria, VA

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Andrew is a chemical engineer who solved differential equations for heat exchangers, chemical reactors and even a hydrogen production plant using MATLAB. After realizing that he loved the process of learning and solving engineering problems more than the specific subject matter (or writing grant proposals), he chose to go all-in on building great software and joined Viking. He is a highly ranked Starcraft II player as well.

Kelsey james profile

Kelsey James

Reno, NV

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Kelsey, with a Mathematics background at Cal Tech, flirted with a career in academia before pursuing programming instead as a marriage of the logical and creative. She loves playing indie video games and won a hackathon while still a student at Viking.

Julia herron profile

Julia Herron

San Francisco, CA

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Julia, a UC Berkely grad, picked up Python while working QA for a startup and started submitting fixes for the bugs she found. She soon found that learning programming was taking up all her free time anyway and so she decided to pursue a career in development to follow her passion.

I think there are a lot of similarities between chess and programming. You have to see several moves ahead, you have to think about the possible unknowns, and you have to keep going until you win the game!

Xin liu profile

Xin Liu

South San Francisco, CA

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As a postdoctoral researcher at UCSF, Xin used machine learning techniques to build models with medical imaging data which predicted clinical outcomes of newborn babies with abnormalities. Compared to that, learning web development was easy.

I can still remember how happy I was the first time my colleague used my code to solve their research problems.

Michael alexander profile cropped

Michael Alexander

San Francisco, CA

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Michael put his Yale degree to use as a production editor before discovering code and realizing that he'd finally found his true calling. The rest is history. He still reads but now gets paid to blissfully build front end applications in BackboneJS as an engineer at a fast-growing finance startup.

David meza profile

David Meza

Pikeville, NC

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David, an MIS grad (and former Student of the Year), went looking for a more practical way of applying his analytical skills and decided to embrace his passion for code.

I've loved programming since I can remember and I can code all day and never get tired. It's the most amazing thing I've learned so far in my life.

Adam kinson profile

Adam Kinson

Boston, MA

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Adam is a fully credentialied P&C actuary who worked in management and strategy prior to taking the plunge to learn development as part of a lateral shift into engineering.

Dustin lee profile

Dustin Lee

New York, NY

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Dustin is a recent Cornell graduate who previously worked in research and tech support for a variety of medical institutions. After trying out a number of online courses, he was looking for a much more intensive approach when he chose to take Viking's flex program full-time.

Steven chang profile

Steven Chang

Brisbane, AUS

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Steven is a full-time pharmacist who built websites using templates and editors but wanted to go deeper and learn 'real' development. He did all the basic stuff on sites like Codecademy but joined Viking to get significantly more applied learning.

Kit langton profile

Kit Langton

New York, NY

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Kit studied illustration at the School of Visual Design in New York but is addicted to learning so of course he picked up the most endlessly fascinating skill available today and hasn't looked back since.

I feel like I can do pretty much anything. Ignorance is no longer an impediment, but a temptation. It feels as though each of my fingers is Conan the Barbarian and each key is alternately an ill-fated highwayman or a pneumatic streetwalker.

Sam okeefe profile

Samantha O'Keefe

San Francisco, CA

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Sam has several degrees from MIT but took a detour through the business end of startups and even editing at Tech Crunch before finding her way back to software as a way to bring ideas to practical life.

John kosmicke profile

John Kosmicke

Des Moines, IA

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John is a University of Chicago alum with a background in high frequency trading who learned to code in order to solve relevant quantitative problems in that domain. He wanted to pick up a professional engineering skillset to take those talents to the next level and he continues to be interested in the thorniest data-based challenges.

For a lot of people technology occurs as an occasion for fear and anxiety. I love programming for the opportunity to show that it doesn't have to be that way.

Jeff gisin profile

Jeff Gisin

Aurora, CO

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Jeff worked as an electrical engineer for many years before deciding to take the leap into programming, where he could apply similar thought processes in a more dynamic environment. The choice wasn't hard when a simple iPhone app for learning to code turned into 4-6 hours a night of passionate self-study.

Chris scavello profile

Chris Scavello

Horsham, PA

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Chris is a musician and a self-taught PHP developer who had previously worked with JavaScript and Objective C. He joined Viking to harden his existing web development skills in a professional environment.

Ammar mian profile

Ammar Mian

Washington, DC

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Ammar, despite having a father who programs, was headed on the law school track before he got bitten by the coding bug. When he found himself talking to devs the whole time during his intership, it was clearly time to take things to the next level.

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