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Flex Program

Viking Code School is now a part of Thinkful, a new type of technology school that provides 1-on-1 learning through its network of industry experts, hiring partners, and online platform to deliver a structured and flexible education. As a result, Viking Code School is no longer accepting applications. Click here to learn more about Thinkful's full stack flex program.

Become a Developer on Your Terms

Using the same curriculum that has made our full-time Immersive Program a success, the Viking Flex Program allows you fit the course into your life with the full support of our staff, mentors, and other students along the way.


This self-paced program allows you to work on your schedule.


You are fully supported by Viking instructional staff and professional mentors.


You will get all the tools you need to launch your career as a developer.

No other top tier program can offer the combination of quality and flexibilty that Viking's Flex program provides.

Take Hold of the Tools for Your Success

The Flex program has all the core elements that have made previous students at Viking so successful:

Best-in-Class Curriculum Depth

Over 700 custom lessons, demos and exercises plus over 100 projects equip you with a firm foundation in modern software engineering. Learn more on our Curriculum Page.

Relentless Career-Focus

We guide you through the entire job search process, from presenting yourself online to networking hacks, mock interviews, offer handling and salary negotiation.

Applied Engineering from Day 1

We treat you as a member of our consulting team, providing you with the mockups and user stories necessary to create the projects from the perspective of a real world engineer.

Viking is a complete path, from start to finish, that takes you from the nuts and bolts of how the web works to a career in modern web development.

How the Flex Program Works

As a student of the Flex Program, you follow our proven curriculum at your own pace and with all the support you need from our instructional team and your professional mentor.

Meet Weekly with Your Mentor

You will work 1-on-1 each week with your professional mentor. Your mentor reviews your code, prepares you for the job search and keeps you accountable for your progress.

Learn and Build at Your Own Pace

Complete lessons, assignments and large scale portfolio projects at your own pace, whether that's just nights and weekends or every waking moment.

Launch Your Career

We'll help you build yourself into a hireable developer by showing you how to market yourself, hustle smarter and even negotiate your starting salary.

Core Support for Every Student

Every student of the program is a full member of the Viking community. That means you have access to all of our students, speakers and alumni plus a variety of ongoing support resources:

24/7 Live Chat

You have full access to our instructors, mentors and alumni via our professional chat tools, which keep you plugged in and unstuck.

Live Virtual Office Hours

Live virtual office hours help you cross tough conceptual hurdles and give you a chance to get your code reviewed.

Viking Community

We help you connect with other students along the way, whether for collaborating on project work or making friends.

These core support resources, which are available to all students, give you the chance to take on the material with allies at your back and wind in your sails.

  • VCS Student
    It's easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of topics covered in such a short time, but it's been very easy to get help when needed.
    Tamal Riedman

Your Personal Mentor

Timely and effective feedback along the learning path is critical to help you maintain the quality and efiiciency of your progress. You will get your code reviewed 1-on-1 during a series of ongoing weekly check-ins with a professional developer from our mentor network. You also have access to our Career Services to help you navigate the upcoming job search.

Regular 1-on-1 Code Review

Guarantee that you are using best coding and learning practices by checking in each week with a personal mentor.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Your mentor helps you set realistic goals and provides accountability and support along the way to achieving them.

Mock Interviews and Career Connections

Mentors provide career advice, mock interviews and insider tips. Our career services team fills in the rest.

You can learn more about how mentor support works on our Flex Support Page.

  • VCS Student
    My mentor was a true partner in development. He provided direction when I needed it, but also support when I needed some encouragement. He's the reason I made it to where I am today.
    Sia Karamalegos

Career Support from Zero to Job

Viking Career Services is a high intensity process that supports during your time in the core program and throughout the Job Search Cycle that follows.

A Battle Tested Roadmap

You will learn everything you need in order to successfully launch your career with our Career Services curriculum.

Viking Career Services Team

The Viking Career Services Team will work with you on your job search during your entire time in the program.

6 Month Post-Grad Job Cycle

The Job Search Cycle, which is packed with weekly huddles and 1-on-1 support, lasts for 6 months or until you are hired.

Learn more about Career Services on the Flex Support Page.

  • VCS Student
    I haven’t come across a bootcamp education that is as comprehensive as VCS.
    Morgan Martin

Meet Your Flex Classmates

Students in the Flex program come from all different backgrounds, locations, and experience levels. You can view a more complete list of Viking students on our Students page.

Nick montanaro profile

Nick Montanaro

New Canaan, CT

Icon link LinkedIn Profile

Nick is a Computer Science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Amidst taking on an embedded systems internship, he decided to build a full web-ready engineering skillset. He's a multi-disciplinary developer with a passion for Japanese culture.

Adam kinson profile

Adam Kinson

Boston, MA

Icon link LinkedIn Profile

Adam is a fully credentialied P&C actuary who worked in management and strategy prior to taking the plunge to learn development as part of a lateral shift into engineering.

Trevor elwell profile

Trevor Elwell

New York, NY

Icon link LinkedIn Profile

Trevor, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Syracuse, has lived a secret agent double life as both a startup leader and a freelance developer. More importantly, he can actually do a backflip.

I'm the type of person who needs to be challenged, and programming challenges me on a constant basis.

Dustin lee profile

Dustin Lee

New York, NY

Icon link LinkedIn Profile

Dustin is a recent Cornell graduate who previously worked in research and tech support for a variety of medical institutions. After trying out a number of online courses, he was looking for a much more intensive approach when he chose to take Viking's flex program full-time.

Sia karamalegos profile

Sia Karamalegos

New Orleans, LA

Icon link LinkedIn Profile

Sia, a graduate of Harvard Business School who initially picked up Fortran 90 in college, worked in consulting and social entrepreneurship before bringing code back into her life. She spices up life in New Orleans with parade shenanigans and crochet.

Steven chang profile

Steven Chang

Brisbane, AUS

Icon link LinkedIn Profile

Steven is a full-time pharmacist who built websites using templates and editors but wanted to go deeper and learn 'real' development. He did all the basic stuff on sites like Codecademy but joined Viking to get significantly more applied learning.

Want to Learn More?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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