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Let's Change Global Education Together.

Our Mission

We're leading the transformation of online technical education by pioneering teaching methodologies and funding options that most others think are completely crazy, all in the service of our mission to make top tier technical education available to anyone who has the motivation and capability to seize it.

Why Our Team Rocks

We are a small but growing team and we're punching well above our weight class. You'll love being a part of it because it gives you the opportunity to affect the lives of individual students directly and also to create an impact that will echo to millions more. We operate natively in a remote environment, so, although we are a high performing group, there is plenty of opportunity to create flexibility in your lifestyle.


Exceptional People

We have the privilege of working with a community of the most talented students in the world and a team who is totally committed to pushing the boundaries of what can be done with online education.


Ownership Culture

Our team operates just like our students -- with a high degree of "collaborative autonomy". We share the vision but team members take ownership of their roles and have significant opportunity to innovate within them.


Lifestyle Flexibility

We're committed to working with the best people in the world regardless of geographical location or circumstance. Though we are based in San Francisco, you have a high degree of freedom in your life and location.

Are you a good fit?

We have a great thing going at Viking but it's a high performing team with an ever-changing problem set and that's not a perfect fit for everyone. You will fit in just fine if:

  1. You are a creative problem solver but also a highly competent operator who gets shit done. Dreaming is good but execution is critical.
  2. You are an energetic, positive person who communicates extremely well within a team. This is a very collaborative business and our remote status makes communication doubly important.
  3. You operate with a high degree of autonomy and solve unstructured problems well. You don't need to be told what to do.
  4. You are a perfectionist for quality (but don't let it get in the way of shipping product too often) and have a demonstrable history of excellent performance.
  5. You are a voracious learner who has no problem getting up to speed on new challenges quickly.
  6. You are shamelessly excited about technology and making an impact on education.

Current Openings

Course Mentor


Course Mentors are a student's window into the world of software development and their strongest advocates along the way to getting there. In this role, your mission is to help the students become developers by answering questions, performing code review, and setting goals as part of a regular series of 1-3x weekly check-ins.

This is a great chance for you to make an impact in a student's life without needing to leave your engineering job (or your house). Check-ins are typically scheduled around working hours because the students often work as well and it is generally highly flexible.

As a course mentor, you also get the opportunity to connect with other great mentors and to speak to the full student group, allowing you to practice conference talks, discuss new projects or just impart wisdom on a broader scale.

Mentors are typically split between the front-end and back-end roles, though as a full-stack mentor you would be able to accompany a particular student through their entire journey.

Key Points
  • Check in with students virtually 1-3x per week to perform code review, answer questions and set goals.
  • We provide curriculum support and training to help you with each check-in. You have access to our full curriculum so you can get up to speed on areas you aren't as strong or current in.
  • Opportunity to meet other mentors, speak to the full student group, and get visibility for project work.
  • This is a part-time, remote position.
  • Excellent English communication skills.
  • At least 5 years of professional development experience as part of an engineering team.
  • Strong grounding in CS fundamentals like Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Back end mentor:
    • At least 3 years of production experience with well-tested Ruby on Rails applications or with full-stack JavaScript.
  • Front end mentor:
    • At least 3 years of production experience with rich JavaScript applications and at least 1 year of production experience with React, Angular or other client-side frameworks.
  • Full stack mentor combines both of the above.
How to Apply
Email with:
  • Your CV and a brief description of why you're a good fit
  • Links to your Github, LinkedIn, blog, and personal website
  • Links to evidence of prior teaching work, whether conference talks, successful blog posts, slide decks, etc.
References will be required later in the process.

Full Stack Designer


As the Viking Full Stack Designer, you have full ownership of the design of the Viking website, web product, and blog. That means you are responsible for the overall visual design, iconography, and style guide, plus the ongoing production of illustrations to support new content.

This is a high-ownership position for experienced designers with significant ability, versatility and experience.

The best candidates will be able to perform in the following areas:

  1. UX: You understand best practices for user interfaces, are comfortable working with users to design great flows, and can back up all design decisions with a clear rationale of how exactly it affects overall UX.
  2. Coding: You can code your designs into reality at a production level. That means experience using HTML, CSS, SASS and Git as part of an integrated product team.
  3. Illustration: You will lead the production of not just icons but also illustrations to support ongoing content development and improvements to the curriculum look and feel.

Candidates lacking any of these abilities should have experience interfacing with the individuals who will and/or with sourcing contractors who can fulfill these services for them.

Key Points
  • A high versatility position where you fully own the design and UX of the Viking site, blog and web product.
  • Produce illustrations to support content development.
  • Code designs into reality as part of the front-end development team.
  • This is a full-time remote position.
  • Significant experience working with modern UX, front-end development, and illustration. Candidates who cannot do all of these things must be exceptional in the others and be able to contract out for the missing skills. This is not an entry-level position.
  • Exceptional communication, organization and time management skills.
How to Apply
Email with:
  • Your CV and a brief description of why you're a good fit
  • Links to your portfolio(s), LinkedIn, blog, case studies and/or personal website

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